Following continued Research and Development, we are pleased to announce NanonoTEK's innovative Antibac PLUS surface coatings for both Hard and Fabric surfaces.  These coatings have been engineered to physically kill bacteria and germs continuously 24/7 for 365 days after a single application. Unlike existing solutions such as surface disinfection, Nanoman Antibacterial 365 provides ongoing protection rather than a one-off disinfection of a surface that can be easily contaminated again literally within 10 minutes after being cleaned.

Like our long-lasting hydrophobic coatings, NannoTEK Antibac PLUS physically and molecularly bonds with the surface that it is applied to. It becomes intrinsic to that material providing it with continuous long-lasting protection. Once applied NannoTEK Antibac PLUS continuously kills bacteria and germs that would otherwise remain active on a surface waiting to find a host to infect.

How does NannoTEK Antibac PLUS work?

Utilising our experience in being able to achieve nano particle adhesion across a range of surfaces, we have developed a different type of nano particle that  “ruptures” a bacteria or germs protective membrane, rendering it ineffective and unable to cause an infection.

It does this in two ways. The shape of the nano particle can best be described as a “Pin”. These nano pins can only be seen under an electron microscope but they form a very dense and durable killing field protecting the entire surface. When bacteria or germs find their way onto the protected surface they are  ruptured and rendered ineffective.

The second component to these nano pins is that they are positively charged and draw in and attract the negatively charged bacteria and germs. They continue to puncture these contaminants, destroying them, rendering the surface 99.9% free of micro-organisms.

The surface coating continually delivers this “mechanical” kill of bacteria and germs by rupturing their protective layers as opposed to a toxic kill utilised by disinfectants.

Bacteria full of amino acids and proteins

Ruptured bacteria made inert by our nano pin.

The benefits of NannoTEK
Antibac PLUS Protection

NannoTEK coatings are not strictly a disinfectant, although they kill bacteria and germs from surfaces. They are “surface modifiers” with the ability to continually kill bacteria and germs from any surface to which they are applied. The speed/rate of its efficacy is different to that of a standard disinfectant. The Antibacterial PLUS coating and a disinfectant perform very differently to each other.

Unlike disinfectants that provide an almost immediate one off kill of germs and bacteria (at the time of application) NanonoTEK Antibacterial coatings provide an ongoing “killing” ability. The effect is not instantaneous but occurs over time. The antibacterial killing field is effective almost immediately. Within the first 30 minutes of contact it will kill up to 99% of bacteria that it make contact with. It then continues to kill any remaining bacteria (up to 99.9%) within 3 hours. Any remaining bacteria, if any, are killed after 24 hours post contact. In other words, the surface is continually killing the bacteria and germs that have been deposited on the surface to a point that can be likened to disinfecting agent.

The most significant difference between NannoTEK Antibac PLUS and a disinfectant is that it works continuously; unlike a disinfectant that works only once killing micro-organisms the time of its application only. It has no residual benefit or effect.

And it’s an important difference. Disinfectants are effective in destroying bacteria and germs on surfaces, but they only work once. Bacteria and germs can be back on a surface almost immediately after disinfection if it physically touched by an infected carrier or aerosol. This transmission from host to surface, and surface to host (fomite transmission) can happen very rapidly, multiplying the risk of further infections.

It is fast becoming a very costly exercise to continually disinfect every surface in order to protect people and minimise the spread of infection. Normal cleaning regimes have been thrown out the window and the economic and social impact has been enormous. NannoTEK Antibac PLUS can redress this imbalance and allow a return to normal cleaning protocols. It is real and effective step change in the way to keep surfaces clean and free of infection causing bacteria and germs

NanonoTEK Antibac PLUS Features

Destroys bacteria and germs preventing their spread.
Provides a mechanical kill not a toxic kill.
Prevents the spread of pathogens.
Single application provides continuous 24/7, long lasting protection.
Non toxic and VOC free.
Applicable for use on all surfaces including metal, plastic, timber, stone, fabric and textiles.
Completely Invisible.
For use indoors and outdoors.
UV stable and abrasion resistant.
High coverage rate.
Allows for the resumption of normal clean regimes.
Cost effective.


NannoTEK Antibac PLUS has an almost unlimited number of uses. Any surface is capable of hosting and sustaining germs and bacteria. This Product provides a defence against the spread of these germs and bacteria from surfaces by continually killing them which greatly reduces the chance of infection transmission.


Government Buildings
Council Buildings
Public Housing
Public Areas, Stairs, Lifts, Foyers
Shopping Centres, Tourist attractions


Meeting Rooms
Open / Shared Areas
Desks, Computer, Monitors


Terminals, Transport Hubs, Stations
Taxis, Hire Cars
Private & Delivery Vehicles


Schools, Community Learning Spaces
Universities, Colleges
Pre-Schools, Child Care
Places of Worship


Restaurants , Cafes, Pubs,Clubs
Cinemas , Theatres
Sporting facilities, Stadiums


Medical Manufacturing Facilities


Factories, Distribution Centres
Aged Care
Shipping & Cruiselines
Hotels and Motels

All our coatings are available in South Africa for direct purchases by wholesalers, trade and commercial users, for their own application or use in their operations or on their projects.

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