Commercial Protection

The Complete Asset Protection Solutions

NannoTEK specialises in the development, manufacture and sale of the widest range of protective nano coatings currently available on the market in South Africa today. We service many markets from construction, industrial, infrastructure, automotive, to home and more.

Our specialised coatings are all engineered for different materials ensuring that they not only offer the best protection but are also optimised to provide long lasting protection. The range is vast, protecting and adding value to glass, metal, stone, timber, fabrics and textiles and even electrical and electronic devices and equipment.

The nature of our NannoGUARD range of product coatings is to provide a long lasting, protective coating on materials that repels liquids and does not allow dirt and other environment pollutants to adhere to the surface.  This lowers maintenance costs and improves durability.

We strive to make a difference for businesses that want to reduce their maintenance cost by offering protective coatings to make all types of surfaces much easier to clean and provide long-lasting protection from the weather, environmental pollution and man-made damage.




Architects and Product Specifiers

And for architects, don’t let materials limit your designs. If you need help in protecting that special surface or want assistance in specifying one of our products please do not hesitate to make contact.

NannoTEK coatings are far removed from traditional old technology coatings that effectively stay on temporarily on the substrate surface only. NannoTEK coatings, on the other hand, completely permeate and unite with the surface, ensuring longevity and the best protection.  Replacing conventional coatings with nano coatings adds value through unsurpassed durability.   NannoTEK  products will give you an advantage over your competitors and provide your customers with savings by providing long lasting surface protection improving the look and life of most surfaces.

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