NannoCRETE is a water based nano silane solution designed for waterproofing (hydrophobic impregnation) and protection of absorbent masonry and concrete surfaces. It penetrates deep into the pores of the substrate to create a durable hydrophobic barrier with breathable properties that will protect against water ingress, frost damage, chloride ion attack and salt efflorescence. NannoCRETE is Water-repellent for manufacturing aqueous impregnations or base coats for mineral backgrounds e.g., Cement, Concrete, Bricks, Clinker Bricks, Sandstone and Natural Stone.

NannoCRETE impregnates into masonry and mortar joints, providing excellent protection against water, dirt, salt, acid rain and extreme weather conditions, preventing leaks occurring with wind driven rain.

The deep penetration properties of the impregnation enable it to seal minute cracks, prevent water ingress beyond the surface and stop salt-efflorescence problems caused by capillary moisture reaching the surface. A treated substrate will remain fully breathable and have excellent resistance to freeze-thaw damage. Under wet conditions its thermal resistance is maximised, improving the energy efficiency of a building.

salt-efflorescence examples

Our unique formulation can be added when mixing concrete or plaster and be added to the water thereby ensuring a homogenous seamless matrix within the cured product which will remain Super- Hydrophobic as well as preventing  blooming of soluble salts.

NannoCRETE is also suitable for reducing permeability in foundations, concrete tanks, reservoirs, sewerage works, cellars, basement walls and floors, garage pits, walls and precast stone. It can be added to the manufacturing of cement and paving bricks for extra water resistance


Creates a breathable layer deep into the substrate that prevents water ingress
Reduction in water absorption after curing by > 80%.
Deep penetration > 25mm in porous concrete.
Long life span up to 25 years.
Fully vapour permeable and breathable to avoid condensation build up..
Resistant to salt water, salt air and acid rain.
Improves thermal resistance of material
Energy cost savings as less heat is lost as cold rain water cannot dampen stone or joints.
Strengthens substrate through consolidation.
Frost resistant to freeze-thaw cracking
Prevent salt efflorescence and chloride ion ingress
Abrasion resistant impregnation
Allows for painting or NannoCOAT Paints to applied as top coat.
Eco-friendly, non-toxic, virtually VOC free and contains no Fluorocarbons.